What We Do

Life Stories produces films and video recordings, audio recordings and books that capture important stories and precious memories forever. We help you share your personal and ancestral journeys powerfully and authentically as a record for present and future generations. Just sit back, relax and let us do the work. Our team is based in South Africa, but we travel around the world and work online enabling you to gift priceless content to your families and those around you.

Life Stories - What we do
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Our Story ​

A few years back Life Stories founder Lisa Chait interviewed her grandfather on film as a record for her family. When people saw what she’d done they began asking her to do the same for them. So Lisa assembled a specialised team and formed a story-telling agency to record film, audio and text format Life Stories. Since then over 185 have been completed for clients of all ages – the oldest being 102! – with more on the go constantly.

“Our interviewees are often the only living family members who know the family story. When they are gone this priceless information is lost forever. We prevent this from happening and help our clients talk across time to future generations.”

What Clients Say

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