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What Others Say

Roy – A brilliant concept to preserve treasured memories

Donald – I see real value in this. I don’t have a single picture or video clip of myself or family and that would have been really nice, a way of remembering where we came from, our roots.

Lauren – What a wonderful idea Lisa. Such a creative way to dissolve the limitations of time and space

Jennifer – A brilliant concept. I so wish I had talked to my parents more and knew more about their background and lives. I would like to do my stories – I feel as if I have lived a number of lives already.

Andrew – Fantastic that you also do these Life Stories remotely. Superb concept!

Johan – My hobby for the last 40 years has been and is Military Medal collecting. Each medal or group represents an individual, preserving the past and personal histories Great credit to you for capturing such stories using the latest technology.

Thatoyaona – What a fascinating project! Absolutely love the concept. What is really exciting for me is the opportunities for scalability and the cultural impact of the project. A new dimension of appreciation, expression and connectedness- using video.

Greg – Brilliant concept which brings past to present. Helps preserve memories.
I am very fond of the idea of capturing memories and this is exactly what Lisa is helping people do. Well done.

Philip – Lisa, You just have what it takes. I’m always inspired by your vibrance and energy. You are one of few that realise that it’s more important to leave a legacy than a will. Beautiful….!!!!

Gerard – Weaving stories into a life pattern is one of the best realistic creative ideas I ever came across. Lisa, keep on creating those stories one-day it will be worth more than the idea its created on…

Elsbeth – What an amazing thing to be doing – wish I had done it when my parents were alive as my children have no memory of them.

Alex – Lisa – the importance of the work you are doing cannot be over-emphasized! This is proof that the video record belongs to everyone – not just those whose transitory fame makes them the target of broadcast television. At last someone is using the medium for a true and worthy purpose

Julius – What an excellent concept. Wish it’d been around in my late father’s day. His grandchildren would really have had the benefit of his wisdom and humour.Looking forward to contributing to this site.Good on ya, I’ll be sure to spread the word of your existence.

Rudy – Lisa, I’ve been thinking of what the legendary mythologist Joseph Campbell said about dreams and myths: “Myths” he said “are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” The bond between private and public narratives (which are often one and the same) is one of the most rewarding, delightful manifestations of our inbred storytelling skills. Your work is therefore perfectly positioned to answer both personal and public needs and aspirations. Well done!

Ellis – What an excellent idea. It seems to me that part of the reason so many of us don’t know so much about people we love is because it’s not that easy for many of us to communicate in that way with those close to us. With your wonderful nature and expertise you are the perfect person to facilitate these valuable interactions. I wish this had been around a while ago…..

Peter – A well thought out initiative. It will create a lot of nostalgia and fun in families. And what better way to record family history….pretty much how it was done around campfires for many years. Good on you.

Karen – Love this idea. Written and spoken our history belongs to us, left in the hands of others it falls into whispers and subjective distant standpoints used to embellish or disminish those involved.

Joel – You only need to watch a couple of minutes of these before quickly realising the valuable resources STILL available around us, whose loss without capture would be truly tragic! Life is fleeting, digital is forever.